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My enduring design handbook High Performance Loudspeakers (John Wiley & also available at, ISBN: 0-470-09430-33) has been in print for 30 years, and is now in its 6th edition. It has been translated into several foreign languages and received a most favourable review in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 40, Number 1/2. The extensively revised 6th edition was published in autumn 2005. Dr Paul Darlington ( contributed a new chapter, comprising a radical and refreshing approach to the theory of diaphragms and sound radiation, through a simple model which leads directly to the familiar equivalent circuits. All useful classes of radiator are analysed.

A second book Computer Controlled Test and Instrumentation (Pentech Press ISBN 0-7273-0310-4) published in 1983 is now out of print.

Amplifiers - Technology and Sound Quality, a three hour presentation for the Audio Engineering Society, London, (December 1985). This included formal and informal listening tests. The associated paper was published in Hi Fi News (May 1986) and reprinted by Audio Amateur (USA).

The Technical press, Reviewing and the Loudspeaker Manufacturers. Invited paper, Danish Audio Conference, ‘The Perception of Reproduced Sound’, Denmark, (August/September 1987).

Some Observations on the Results of Objective and Subjective Technical Reviewing Practice in High Fidelity. Invited paper at the Institute of Acoustics Conference, Windermere, UK (November 1991).

Loudspeaker & Headphone Handbook ed. J. Borwick, (Focal Press, ISBN 0 240 51578 1, 3rd edition 2001). Chapter 6, The amplifier/loudspeaker interface.

Improvements in Intelligibility through the Use of Diffuse acoustic Radiators in sound distribution, co-author Peter Mapp, AES 103rd Convention, September 1997.

Diffuse Field Planar Loudspeakers in Multimedia and Home theatre, with Christien Ellis, AES 103rd Convention, September 1997.

Do We Need An Ultrasonic Bandwidth For Higher Fidelity Sound Reproduction? Reproduced Sound 22, Institute of Acoustics, November 2006

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